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Inspiring Biographical Movie & Military Documentary

Being Awarded a Medal - Biographical Movie

At the Sgt John Basilone Foundation in New York, New York, we’re currently working to release a military documentary and biographical movie about our beloved family member. The movie “The Legacy of a Hero” will follow a journey to discovery about how this legendary figure has endured and continues to influence and inspire future generations. While filming the documentary, we found ourselves on our own journey, rediscovering his legacy of courage, honor, and sacrifice that still affects our family and those who survived the war.

We’ve also found that younger generations are still impacted by his example, and we’re looking to spread that positive influence. The documentary is still a work in progress with a completion date of March, 2015. You can still contribute toward the final production or become a major contributor or sponsor of the film.

Contact us to learn more about our fascinating military documentary and biographic movie.